While saying that they've appeared just time for Christmas isn't entirely true (seeing as how they won't actually be available until next summer), a photo of a group of Chasing Amy "inaction" figures is now up at Kevin Smith's very own View Askew store. And you can certainly print that out and give it as an XMas IOU - that's almost the same thing as giving a group of small plastic toys. In case, however, you've got demanding friends and family who want more than a piece of paper for Christmas, there are various figures at the store that are actually available this very minute. For example, you can stock up on Jay and Silent (get it?) Bobbleheads, or get a whole set of figures from Mallrats.

Though I'm personally holding out for those elusive My Dinner with Andrefigures, the View Askew sets are pretty cool last-minute gifts for the Smith fan in your life. (Or for you to get for yourself. Oh, go ahead - you deserve it.)

[via The Movie Blog]
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