If there anyone on earth who likes lists more than we do, it's the American Film Institute. Best songs, thrills, quotes - they compile them all, and on national TV, no less! While their latest offering is unlikely to be the subject of a television special, it nevertheless is a bit more relevant today than, say, a list of passions.

Announced yesterday, the list compiles the six "issues or events" that the AFI feels had the "greatest impact on the world of the moving image" in the past year. While most of the six are fairly obvious, together they provide a resolution of the place and role of the medium in 2005 that is both interesting and fairly accurate. The list - which is certainly worth a look - includes such touchstones as the increasing consolidation of media (specifically the sale of both MGM and Dreamworks), the undeniable and much-discussed box office slump, and the emergence of TV (and movie) content for things like cell phones and video iPods.

Oddly, the "creative ensembles" behind each of the six will be honored at an event next month. I wonder who they'll recognize as being responsible for the box office troubles.