Where are all these Nascar comedies coming from and how come no one can come up with a name for them? Variety reports that scribes Jason Jordan and Matthew Lawton have sold their untitled Nascar comedy to Barry Kemp's Bungalow 78 Productions making it the second untitled Nascar comedy to hit Hollywood this year. The story for this one centers on a driver who's dropped by his sponsors because of bad behavior. In an attempt to keep the dream alive, he's forced to sign with the one sponsor willing to take him on - a young cosmetics maven who's looking to attract more female Nascar fans.

 The other untitled Nascar comedy is currentlywrapping production and stars Will Ferrell,Sacha Baron Cohen and John C. Reilly. Though it's due out this summer, the freaking movie still hasn't been given a title. What gives? Is it so hard to come up with a title for a movie set in the wacky world of Nascar racing? Apparently it is, because right now I'm trying to think of a clever title and I can't seem to come up with anything either. How about, "Funny Guys Who Drive Fast Cars?" Help me out here - what would you name these currently untitled Nascar comedies if you were in charge of it all?

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