Just days after the debunking of the Charlize Theron rumors, we now are hearing that the almost-divorced Jessica Simpson may well be cast as Vesper Lynde in Casino Royale. I know, it sounds outrageous - I totally agree. Not only can the girl not really act, but her vapid persona also doesn't fit in very well with the most recent trend in Bond girls, most of whom are at least supposed to be both tough and smart. Plus, Lynde's role in the story - and in Bond's life - is reported to be much more significant than those played by the other chicks in his past (Or is it future? This prequel thing is confusing). And Simpson doesn't exactly spring to mind when you're trying to think of an actress with emotional staying power (Hey, just ask Nick, right? I'll be here all week.)

Regardless of what foolish fans want, however, there are supposedly a couple of at least somewhat informed sources for this story, so who knows - maybe Daisy Dukes will soon be showing up in England sooner than we think.
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