If you were as impressed by Christian Bale's portrayal of the Dark Knight as most of us were, you'll probably find this article enjoyable. Like the rest of the Bat-team, Bale has been taught to keep tantalizingly mum regarding details ("It's all that kind of deal where I'll get it in the head if I talked"), but he does offer some opinions on the upcoming sequel, as well as briefly discussing what he enjoyed about what he felt gave the story such great appeal. The key, according to Bale, lies in continuing to create deep characters and a compelling story. He notes the obvious – that a sequel will have to outdo the first to be real success, but says that he has complete faith in the brilliance of Chris Nolan to pull it off. I, for one, completely agree. And while I'm at it, I give a solid "amen" to character development and storyline strength. Presuming, of course, it also comes with bat-toys and nifty effects.

*note:  The Batman Lego picture amuses me, and so I'm taking this opportunity to use it again.

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