Is it just me or are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of trailers popping up on the internet recently? Okay, so it's just me. Regardless, the new Adam Sandler comedy, Click, has now hit the net via MTV Overdrive. However, in order to watch the trailer, I had to first sit through a commercial for women's deodorant featuring a girl who hasn't showered in 24 hours and, because she's wearing deodorant, it's okay. Yes, my life has been changed. And yes, I immediately forced my wife to take a shower.

Anyway, the film stars Sandler and Kate Beckinsale (Holy crap, she plays a Milf, uh Mom!) and revolves around a magical remote control that Sandler's character buys from a wacky Bed, Bath and Beyond employee (Christopher Walken). The remote then allows him to pause, fast forward and slow down his life. Sure, this same idea was used by The Simpsons (they used a stop-watch) and a half-hour seemed like plenty enough time to play out the idea. Even after watching the trailer, I can't see them stretching this one out over an hour and change, while still making it seem fresh and original. Go watch it and let us know what you think.