Is this Tookie Part Two? At the request of him mommy (awwww), Ethan Hawke has written a letter to New Jersey Acting Governor Richard Codey (he's like a substitute teacher for Jim McGreevey, who had to quit the job when everyone found out he was having a gay affair with one of his aides) asking for clemency for Melvina McClain, a 65-year-old woman accused of mrudering her boyfriend more than 16 years ago. McClain, according to Hawke, is "a woman important to my family"; she and Hawke's mother have been friends since before her incarceration. His letter asks Codey to commute her life sentence "so she can live the last years of her life helping her children, her grandchildren and many others learn from her example of redemption." The letter supports an appeal already under way, which claims that McClain commited the crime whilst suffering from "post-traumatic stress disorder, stemming from a lifetime of psychological and physical abuse". Obviously, the stakes here aren't quite as high as in the Tookie Williams case – New Jersey ain't tryin' to execute the little old lady – but it'll be interesting to see if the Oscar-nominated Hawke holds any more sway over the legal system than Oscar winning Tookie defender Jamie Foxx.
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