20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has decided it will no longer be providing retailers with special DVD screeners because of the ever-growing concern over piracy. Their main beef lies with these misfits who attempt to obtain the screeners in order to upload copies of them on the internet and create pirated discs to sell all over (mainly in Chinatown, NYC) the world. Their solution: instead of creating screeners, they're going to put the films - wait for it - on the internet.

Through a "secure" business-to-business website, the films will be available for streaming on the internet. Great job Fox! That should stop them. Seriously though, will this work? And if it's successful, will all screeners eventually be streamed over the internet? Personally, I hate watching anything longer than a 2-minute trailer on the computer. There's something about sitting on the chair, staring at a 17-inch screen with a keyboard in front of it that just feels so...workish. What do you think?