A collection of new pictures from upcoming geek films for your viewing pleasure; and – wonder of wonders – not one of the links below will take you to new X-Men pictures.

  • Super star Brandon Routh is getting all kinds of geek love these days. His yet-to-be-seen performance as Clark Kent is already generating amazing buzz in many circles, and his perfect clean-cut image is generally thought to be an excellent casting choice for the Man of Steel. Said image graces the cover of at least two magazines this month- you can catch him on Empire and Wizard.
  • If you didn't catch the original Ghost Rider clip, or simply couldn't focus your eyes/brain on it, you can check out some stills from it here. And the GR people have followed up quickly with another short clip for your viewing pleasure.
  • Finally, you can catch a new look at fanboy favorite Natalie Portman in character for the upcoming Wachowski flick V is for Vendetta on this German website.
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