We talked recently about the incredibly tantalizing possibility of a new Sin Citygraphic novel being released thanks to the upcoming movie sequel. The latest news from Miller is that he is currently finishing the script for Sin City 2, and "there'll probably also be a separate graphic novel that I'll do. It's a Nancy Callahan story that I've been wanting to do." Miller also noted that if he has his way, there will be a full five films, to encompass all the Sin City novels he has written. He says he can't wait to get back behind the camera and start work on the sequel. Miller is currently woking on the film 300, based on his other graphic novel about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae.

I reiterate my earlier fanboy excitement at the prospect of a new Sin City novel. And I add to it my further excitement at continued talk of more than one sequel to the film. Admittedly, the combination of the man responsible for one of the most dark universes in existence and the man responsible for James Bond for kids is a strange one...but after seeing what they produced, I'm not going to complain.

[via sci fi wire]

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