According to an article at, Quentin Tarantino has uttered the words that movie fans have longed to hear ever since he became a caricature of himself: he's "lost the bug" for acting. Though Tarantino has "often referred to himself as an actor who just happens to write and direct," he apparently no longer has the enthusiasm to commit the required time and energy to movies that he's not directing. Well thank the good Lord for that.

Tarantino is an important filmmaker - if only because he was instrumental in waking the US up to Asian cinema - and he's made some incredibly entertaining movies. But ever since he became so painfully self-aware, his screen appearances have been about 95% in service of "QT" and only 5% about the movie in which he's acting. (Which, you know, is generally bad for the movie.) Though movies and audiences seem to be safe from further QT damage, he does leave the door open in the interview to a possible future appearance in one of his own films. Well, I guess we shouldn't be greedy.
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