Remaking the minor 1977 comedy Fun With Dick And Jane was a sensible enough idea. The original film, which starred George Segal and Jane Fonda as downsized yuppies who turn to armed robbery to survive, was not really memorable enough to become evergreen and therefore fixed in our minds as un-toppable. It was one of those movies, like Cold Turkey or First Family, that attempted to blend social relevance and situational humor, but managed to miss as many times as it hit with both. Segal and Fonda had a decent enough chemistry, even if they had to forge it themselves thanks to a scattershot (and racially insensitive) script by old school TV guy, Jerry Belson. It was also handicapped by a tragic lack of focus by C-stringer Ted Kotcheff, the man whose later feature directing highlights were the necro-yukfest Weekend At Bernie's in 1989 and the wacky Alzheimer's adventure Folks! in 1992.