A quick note here that doesn't *technically* (read: you've really got to strech) qualify as movie news, but I think it's of interest to the geek beat that I serve, and so I'm posting it. If you don't care, you can stop reading...now.

Army Lt. Walter Haut died on Dec. 15, according to his daughter, Julie Shuster. Walter is the man who filed (in 1947) a news release claiming that a flying saucer had landed in Roswell, New Mexico. His story, and the incredible media attention that it generated, became the foundation for the now famous mythology that surrounds the small and otherwise unremarkable town. Haut had originally took dictation on the memo which stated the Roswell Army Air Field had captured an alien device- a statement which was quickly denied the very same day by a report stating that it was, in fact, a weather balloon. Haut and friends later founded the International UFO Museum in Roswell.

I loosely connect this on the simple fact that Roswell has been mentioned, featured, or otherwise noted in scads of sci fi flicks over the years. The town is an ICON of the genre, and I think the passing of the man who put them on the proverbial map deserves mention.

[via Sci Fi Wire]

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