Way back in August, we reported the news that Zack Snyder had been selected to direct a screen version of Frank Miller's 300, a story about ancient Spartan warriors.Since then, apart from casting news (the stars are PhantomGerard Butler and the incredibly lovely Lena Headey), the media has been sadly lacking on information about the movie, so Miller fans have been largely in the dark about its progress.

Hopefully, though, that will soon change: Warner Brother's just launched a site dedicated to the movie, complete with a production blog. Since the site just went up, it's pretty bare - there's just one post in the blog and none of the promised video journals - but it does include some nice concept art, if you're into that sort of thing. According to the blog post (by Snyder himself), the production (which is being shot entirely on green screen, ala Sin City) is nine weeks into principle photography with about four weeks left to go; hopefully he'll be posting more as the production moves forward. God only knows when this thing will be ready to go, but at least now we've got an official source for updates.

[via JoBlo]
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