The gents at Latino Review (who, given how many screenplays they have access to, are either incredibly well-connected or very skilled thieves) have gotten their hands on yet another script, and have once again seen fit to share their reactions with the rest of us. The movie this time is Creature from the Black Lagoon, a remake not of the similarly-named, much mocked/loved 1980 Brooke Shieldsfeature, but rather of the "monster classic" from 1954. Sadly, if Latino Review's take is anything to go on, it's so bad that it's not worth even making.

After listing the various ingredients required for such a film (including, among other elements, "1 couple including the heroine and her rather feminine husband," "1 blimp," and "1 bigger bad-ass science vessel that intercepts saving the couple from a day of mosquitoes, monkey screams and day-old carne asada,"), the reviewer recommends a rather extreme mixing procedure: "Mix until desired consistency, place batter in toilet, flush several times and sojourn to the living room...and pop in the DVD for Batman Begins and forget you ever heard of such a concept."

Man. And you guys think we're mean.

[via Dark Horizons]
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