On the Filmmaker blog, Scott Macaulay ponders how the now-ending transit strike might have thus far impacted New York producers trying to hustle their features through post in time for Sundance. "Fortunately," he writes, "the project I'm working on is picture-locked and all elements are to the appropriate vendors. My worry is with the vendors and their employees, hoping that the strike doesn't slow them down." He goes on to ask others involved with NY productions, Sundance or otherwise, to shar their horror stories. The major catastrophe for us is that I missed two press screenings on the first day of the strike - Casanova and Rumor Has It – and will be able to write a straight review of neither. How should I handle this conundrum? What would you like to see instead? And if you have other movie-related strike stories, do tell. Now that it's all over it's time to take stock – and take the L train into city for the first time this week.