Remember a month or so ago when we discussed upcoming super hero/romantic-comedy movie Super Ex-Girlfriend? In case you don't, the (very) brief plot synopsis is as follows: guy meets girl, guy breaks up with girl for being neurotic and controlling, girl uses her superpowers to seek revenge through embarassment and humiliation. The real kicker is that it stars Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson; a duo you wouldn't really expect to find acting together in a romantic comedy. If I've got your attention with this description, please click here, and find a few production photos for your viewing pleasure. They showcase an early look at Thurman  flying. Or at least, "falling with style."

I remain excited by this movie, mostly due to the odd pairing of the leads. Thurman and Wilson are both highly talented, and they both have a relatively unique style-again a style that doesn't seem to lend itself easily to your garden variety romantic comedy. Which makes me hope that this flick will be much more than garden variety.

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