If you happen to be a huge Beastie Boys fan and would love a free trip to the Sundance Film Festival, then there's a new contest that may be right up your alley. In conjunction with the group's first film, Awesome; I F**kin' Shot That!, MySpace has teamed up with Gen Art and Capitol Records to present you with a pretty unique opportunity: Create your own Beastie Boys video using one of two songs (Shake Your Rump or Sabotage) and enter for a chance to fly out to Sundance, catch some great films, attend cool parties and, as a bonus, you'll gain entry into an exclusive Beastie Boys concert...at Sundance!

The film, which will be released by ThinkFilm this March has a pretty interesting story attached to it. The entire thing was shot back in 2004 during a concert at Madison Square Garden. However, it was not shot my professionals. Instead, 50  hand-held cameras were handed out to fans attending the show and that footage alone was what was used to create the final product. Okay, so either the final result will fascinate us in that it's being told from such a unique perspective or we'll get two hours of the most intense shaky camera movements ever recorded.

The contest officially starts today and you have until January 6th (that's just two weeks!) to enter. In case you're interested, click here for further details. Oh, and good luck!