Two widows of Israeli athletes killed during the 1972 Oympic terrorist attack depicted in Steven Spielberg's film Munich gave the film a thumbs up after seeing it at a screening.  The women said the film doesn't dishonor their husbands or tarnish Israel's image. Spielberg's spokesman, Martin Levy, said Spielberg's camp is "very, very gratified" to hear the widows' reaction to the film and that Spielberg is proud any concerns the women might have had about the film had been alleviated.

The film has already been surrounded by more controversy - most of it from people who haven't even seen the film yet - than just about any recent film I can think of. The Passion of the Christ had a lot of controversial buzz ; so did The Last Temptation of Christ way back in 1988, for that matter, but those films were religious. Fahrenheit 9/11 stirred a lot of political fires before it opened, but hey, it's a Michael Moore film, so you kind of expect controversy as part of the package. Can you think of any other films that have generated the controversy swirling around Munich before they even opened?

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