Based on a survey given by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, consumers rank alternate endings and beginnings as their favorite DVD extra. Finishing ahead of other been-around-for-awhile features like commentaries, deleted scenes and "making of" documentaries, the alternate ending excites people because it helps provide them with "an inside look at how studios test movies." Actually, if you really want to see how they test movies, someone should place a tape recorder inside an executives office once all those surveys come back smeared with phrases like, "this is the worst movie I have ever seen - please try again."

DVDs for films like, The Interpreter, Titanic, Fever Pitch (only alternate ending I would like is if the Red Sox lost to the Yanks) and The Outsiders have all included some sort of alternate ending or beginning within its special features this year. With all this praise, I'd imagine we're going to see a ton more "alternate whatever" showing up in our DVDs real soon. Hmm, maybe they could release an alternate version of the entire Dukes of Hazzard movie called, "The One That Doesn't Suck."

Personally (and I agree with the folks over on the Movie Blog), I'm more of a fan of the cast and crew commentaries than I am of alternate endings. These are what really give you an inside look at the movie-making process - if that's what you're into. Tell me consumer: What's your favorite DVD extra?

[via Movie Blog]