It has been said that Peter Jackson had a relatively lackluster career  pre-LotR. Whatever fans he had from his earlier days will be excited to know that despite his success, he hasn't forgetten his film roots. Detractors from his early days, of course, may be less excited to know this.  Nonetheless, it remains that not only has PJ repacked his film The Frighteners for a special edition DVD release. Jackson has admitted to being very hopeful about the success of the DVD release, because a successful bottom line for the DVD could override a rather unfortunate box office performance- allowing for the possibility of selling a sequel. Yes, that's right; Jackson would love to return to the story (and would hope to get Michael J. Fox involved somehow) if he could convince Universal to take a chance on it.

Does someone out there have a solid opinion on this? Because I'm really floundering about trying to decide what I think of it all. I mean, the truth of the matter is that DVD sales are the real action these days, and Jackon is probably right in thinking that he could sell a sequel on a strong DVD performance. I'll admit that I'm not a very big fan of the original film, so this news doesn't really excite me at all. Any fans out there in the audience want to weigh in?

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