Just a brief note for Marvel fans out there - in a mailbag roundup over at MovieHole, the question of a timetable for a sequel to The Punisher was addressed. According to their information, Thomas Jane is (of course) very busy, but LionsGate is certain that the film will happen. And apparently Marvel’s vice chairman Peter Cuneo said during a recent webcast  that it’s on target for a late 2006 release. Additionally, a script is said to have been finalized and delivered.

Call me a fanboy if you must, but I really enjoyed Jane's performance as Castle. I disagreed a bit with some other casting and storyline choices, but boy was Jane ever the perfect man for the role; and I feel that his performance made the movie well worth the price I paid to watch it. I'm glad that we're going to get to see him bring the character to life yet again.

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