In about three weeks, I'm going to pack a couple of bloggers in my suitcase and head on out to Utah to infiltrate the Sundance Film Festival. We're working on putting together a nightly roundtable – to be hosted by Weblogs, Inc CEO Jason Calacanis and featuring a host of special film-world guests – which we'll videotape and throw up on the web in easily digestible (and downloadable) episodes. We've got a video producer, and we've got the talent – we just need a location.

Do you have a space we could use? An office? A storefront? A classroom? A really big truck? In exchange for a couple of hours use per afternoon, we could offer you mad promotion on the vblog itself, which will available for download here on Cinematical, on iTunes and at AOL Movies. Let's say you work for a company called ... Company X. Company X presents The Cinematical Sundance Vidcast. That's got a nice ring to it, now doesn't it?

As far as location goes, we're not exactly picky - we need to have power, and we need room for about 5 speakers (as in, humans, speaking), a couple of cameras and a 2-person crew. If you've got a stage or room for an audience, all the better, but neither is essential.

C'mon - help a blogger out. Contact us here, and we'll go from there.

And thanks!