We've reported a couple of times about the upcoming, Jet Li-starring Tekken movie, as well as the Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed Castlevania(neither of which our gamer readers seem very optimistic about). The studio behind both of those films is the small Crystal Sky Pictures, whose jones for video games movies is now officially out of control: not only did they recently buy the rights to Pac Man, but they're actually committed to turning those rights into a "live-action fantasy adventure."

Um, excuse me? Did you say "live-action?" How is this going to work, exactly? Are people going to be dressed up in giant foam costumes? And will they chase dots for two hours? Uh huh. While no director is currently attached to this project, I think we all know the man for whom this project is crying out. Say it with me now, friends: Uwe. Boll.
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