Remember how you (and everyone else in existence) were very disappointed to hear that Nightcrawler would not be reprising his role in the upcoming addition to the X-Franchise? Well, Marvel has stepped up to the plate to explain why- video game style. That's right, rumor has it that an new X-game is in the works, starring Wolverine, Iceman and Nightcrawler. The story of the game closes the gap between the second movie and the third, and rumoredly explains the absence of everyone's favorite teleporter from the third film. (Don't give me any of that Deadpool garbage-he cheats. I might, MIGHT be open to hearing arguments on Blink or Psylocke. You can win points by arguing the Vanisher, but only if you know his real name.) Presumably the video game will NOT focus on playing executive Suits argue contracts with actors.

I tend to enjoy Marvel video games, especially the very recent ones. Especially especially Spider-Man and X-Men games. Ergo, I am excited for this game to exist. However, I still remain skeptical on the whole 'video game introducing new storyline to movies' issue. As a gamer, I sure don't mind, because I'll play; but I worry just a bit about the non-gamer fans who end up being left out of some story info. For a quick and semi-related example; geeks, how many times did you have to explain the significance of General Grievous to someone who hadn't seen the filler cartoons?

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