Seriously, what would you call that? A phone film? A cell movie? How about., phone-a-film? Or one might refer to it as, "that really cool cell phone movie film thingy." While I'm still trying to figure out how to text my friend one sentence in under an hour without throwing the phone as far as I can, students across America are now competing in, what seems to be, the second ever short movie on a cell phone contest. The first ever movie-on-your-phone contest was held by Zoie Films last year.

An Ithaca College dean is offering a sweet $5,000 prize to the student who comes up with the best 30-second movie shot entirely with a cell phone. The idea came to the dean last year while she was attending a conference in New York in which one of the topics was the future of  mobile delivery of content. She explains, "Historically, we've always had students thinking bigger and bigger. All of a sudden, things have reversed and everything is getting smaller."

The hardest part of it all seems to be working with such a small screen. I'd imagine you may want to leave out that 50 person fight sequence. With such visual limitations, what exactly can you shoot on a cell phone? Could it be interesting? Have any of you out there attempted this before and, if so, how did you go about pulling it off effectively?