Again with the pictures? These things are just showing up like crazy lately. And as always, your diligent blogger is here to collect them all for you and assemble them together in one happy little list.

  • The folks at Defamer bring you and interesting (and slightly unnerving) Christmas greeting card from the cast and crew of X-Men, featuring Ratner himself in the center. Personally, I'm not sure what to make of it. I think it sort of scares me, in that same way that the Santa at the mall who used to smell a little bit too much like Uncle Jack's* liquor cabinet scared me. Merry X-Mas. Ah-ha-ha. Get it? You can shoot me now...I know I deserve it.
  • Brandon Routh on yet another magazine, you ask? Yes, I answer firmly. If you scroll down a piece on this strange (and appropriately titled) website Media Soup, you'll find your favorite Man of Steel (unless you somehow prefer Stalin to Superman, that is) on the cover of Premiere.
  • Finally, on a slightly less box-office related note, the Sci Fi Channel has released some early images of their upcoming flick Ultraviolet. And despite my fingers' insistent efforts to the contrary, the film is in fact called Ultraviolet, not UltravioleNt


*No, I do not have an Uncle Jack. I created him for use as a very short lived literary device. The metaphor, however, remains strong.

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