According to a report in England's Daily Record, George Michael has been approached the write the theme to Casino Royale. He recently had a meeting with the "movers and shakers" involved in the film and, though it's early days yet, said movers and shakers are reportedly very eager to hire Michael. According to a friend of the singer (grain of salt now firmly in place), this could be just the start of heavy involvement in the movies for him. If the "friend" is to be believed, Michael has already talked with Robert De Niro about doing some work with him (the two met at Tribeca, and "Robert told George that he was a big fan." Is that not in the top 10 of things you never thought you'd hear?), and is eager to make a place for himself in the film world when he returns to recording.

For anyone who loves the cheesy awesomeness of the best Bond themes (My personal favorite is For Your Eyes Only - talk about cheese), this is great news. Robbie Williamsmight have been better, but if we can't have him, the talented half of Wham! is certainly nothing to sneeze at.