Todd at Twitch must be a very smooth film lover - not only did he get Guy Maddin's phone number, but Maddin also calls him back, and gives him details on what he's up to, movie-wise. Since Cinematical is tragically short on filmmaking friends, we instead will share you with you what Todd has found out about Maddin's upcoming projects.

Currently, Maddin's working on a film called Ghosting, which sounds just strange and wonderful enough to be perfect for him. The film is "the unauthorized biography of Gisele MacKenzie," a singing, violin-playing Canadian who enjoyed a brief period of American TV fame in the 1950s. According to Maddin, her life was much more interesting than her Wikipedia page lets on: not just a singer/violinist, "she was a firm believer in the legitimacy of mediums, seances and such. She also developed a morbid fear of violins that practically killed her at one point at the climax of her career!" Though the film is still in the treatment stages (Maddin's first attempt was rejected as "just far too perplexing"), it will eventually mix MacKenzie's story and her ghosts together with an examination of the power of television in the 1950s. Um, wow. And yes, please.
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