Previously on Cinematical, we reported on how Chris Rock isn't going to host the Oscars. Guess who else isn't hosting? Billy Crystal. Crystal, who has almost as many irons in the creative fire as Joss Whedon at the moment (a one-man show, a book to write, a movie to direct, yada yada yada...) turned down the opportunity to host Hollywood's largest and best-dressed  televised love affair with itself.

We speculated earlier on who should host the Oscars, in light of all these people who apparently don't want to host. Readers comments on our previous post included suggestions ranging from Ali G to Eddie Izzard, but the way things are going, Oscar producers may have to see if they can woo William Shatner away from his dayjob hawking sci-fi DVDs to host for them. Whatd'ya think? Shatner hosting the Oscars? Can you dig it? The best thing about Shatner hosting: the losers get a consolation prize--a free year's membership in Shatner's DVD club!