While Daniel Craig is off promoting his small role in Munich, it seems all anyone wants to know is Bond. In talking with MTV, he praises the job Paul Haggis has done on the script and says, "the lead girl part is fantastic, the characters are all fantastic. We're making a Bond movie first and foremost." Yeah, too bad every actress (Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie)you approach for that "fantastic" girl part turns it down.

Although, in the end, it will be another Bond film, Craig does admit it's not going to be the Bond we're used to. "[Casino] is going to be very different from anything else.There's a lot of similarities with the book but yes, it's been updated. It has to be. It's a suspension of disbelief that we're renewing Bond, and that this is the first time you see him." Craig admits this new look may not go over so well with the fans. "Yes, I could fail miserably, but maybe I can do something that's different and make the franchise last another thirty years -- as opposed to another three."

In other Bond related news, Martha scooped the other day that George Michael was now the frontrunner to write the theme for Casino Royale. According to a friend of the singer, it's all supposed to be kept on the down low. "George is really chuffed that he's been asked to meet up with the guys behind Casino Royale. It's very low key at the moment, but the people behind the movie are keen to make this work."

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