Ooohh, this should be exciting for all you George A. Romero fans out there. A new German film company is working on a remake of Night of the Living Dead...but in 3-D. Lux Digital Pictures is currently shopping the film around to international distributors, in which the budget is said to fall in the $2 million range. A zombie flick in 3-D? Put me in the back near the door just in case, ya know, I should need more popcorn or something.

With a script written by Robert Valding, producer/direcor Jeff Broadstreet describes the film as a "homage" to George Romero's classic film. Since the title is in public domain, I guess anyone with a thirst for more dead can take a stab at it. Recently, films like Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead have done well at the box office and on DVD proving zombies are still pretty popular. Personally, I'm waiting for Everyone is Dead Except Me to come out so that I will be able to go to the theater and not have a screaming baby sitting behind me.

What are your thoughts on zombies in 3-D? Will it make the film scarier? Would you go see it?

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