Ok, who holds a boat show in New York that runs from December 31-January 8? Are they out of their minds? No one wants to be near water in the middle of the winter, especially if it stays as windy as it is right now. Oh wait - it's at Javits Convention Center, not on the river. Well, that's entirely reasonable, and means that local Bond fans will be able to gaze upon Actual Bond Watercraft in a temperature-controlled comfort. Included in the group of five "Boats of Bond" that will be on display at the show are the Neptune Sub from For Your Eyes Only (this one is actually waterproof and sort of works, as opposed to some of the others), the barrel-rolling Q Boat from The World Is Not Enough, and the gadget-laden Glastron Amazon Chase Boat from the equally gadgety Moonraker.

In addition to the boats, which will be on show every day, January 4 has been designated "Bond Day," during which people showing up in Bond-related outfits will get admission discounts, and those wearing the best costumes will win prizes. Just remember, Bonds - it's cold out there. Be sure to throw on your poshest duffel coat over that tux.

After New York, the Boats of Bond will hit Atlanta, Baltimore, and Atlantic City.
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