If there was any doubting that Brokeback Mountain has become a full-fledged cultural phenomenon, the rising wave of gay cowboy spoofs and mash-ups should put your nervous mind at ease. Last week, my Nathan Lane allergy prevented me from telling you about this, the musical medley he performed in "tribute" to Ang Lee's film on the David Letterman show; it's my sympathy for the surely-livid porn producers of the world that compels be to bring you this. Bareback Mountain is not the funniest fake trailer I've ever seen, but it does star a guy who looks sort of like a cross between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, and as far as a one-line cowboy-loves-his-horse joke goes, it certainly could be worse. Plus, that joke about the saddle was totally LOL. Bareback - ha!

[via A Socialite's Life]
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