Correct me if I'm wrong here, but making a movie called Dr. Dolittle 3 without a Dr. Dolittle seems at best an oversight, and at worst an incredibly lame piece of false advertising. Shooting just wrapped on the movie, and Eddie Murphy is very much not in it. That's too bad, because the first two in the series were surprisingly entertaining, largely because of his (refreshingly not-manic) presence. The third, which is going straight to DVD, focuses on wee Mya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt), Eddie-spawn who can also talk to animals. In this installment, she chats with the creatures at a dude ranch, who join forces to help her save the ranch from a takeover threat. Man. Even if Eddie was in this one it would sound bad.

Given the massive number of sequels that are made just for the home market, I have no doubt that they're profitable - but I'd love to know what the average profit for something like this is, and how much studios need to make for them to be worth doing. The audience for this one, for example, seems incredibly small - will Fox still make money, though, because the cost was so low? Anyone got any answers? Guesses?
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