Big hits? Well, some of them are an anagram for "hits", but what do you expect for the week after Christmas?

  • 2046 - Chinese writer-director Wong Kar Wei's sort-of continuation of his own 2000 film, In The Mood For Love, looks and feels a bit like the original cut of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, in that part of it is set in the future and it is buoyed awkwardly by a wooden voiceover narration. This film, though, is such a borderline incoherent mish-mash, fusing genres, indulging in painterly photography, and resting on its pedigree in much the same way that Wim Wenders did in his lazy and similar Million Dollar Hotel.
  • American Pie: Band Camp - Eugene Levy must be making crappy movies like The Man, Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and this DTV sequel so he can afford a judgment transplant. Fans will find the online game, in which you must play a musical piece note-for-note in order to get a dancing hottie out of her clothes, more entertaining and challenging. Available in R-rated and unrated versions, presumably so as not to offend those who taste in T&A has limits.
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