Joe Dante is the least prolific of the 80s wunderkinds. The man responsible for Gremlins, Innerspace and a terrifying fourth of Twilight Zone: The Movie can direct at the same quality level as his contemporaries, but he hasn't been given a corner of Hollywood real estate to flesh out his signature style - less sugary than Spielberg and more cartoonish and mischievous than Zemeckis. This is the director who stopped Gremlins cold for ten minutes so that Phoebe Cates could give her classic "I hate Christmas" speech. He seems to pull together a feature film about once every five years, on average, so when you can catch him at work it's a treat. Witness his recent stint as a guest director on Showtime's Masters of Horror series, where he directed an hour-long episode entitled Homecoming. The homecoming in question: dead jarheads from the Iraq war, who pop out of their flag-draped coffins at Dover Air Force base and up sticks for Washington, D.C.

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