The Austrian city of Graz has given up trying to negotiate with its once-favorite son. At the Governator's request, they've removed Arnold Schwarzenegger's name from their soccer stadium and promotional web sites. This all started, you'll remember, a couple of weeks back, when a handful of Grazian politicians lambasted the once (and future?) Barbarian for denying clemency for convicted murderer Tookie Williams. Schwarzenegger responded to said criticisms with characteristic grace: "Graz will not have problems in the future with my decisions as governor of California," he said, "Because officially nothing connects us any more." To that, Graz's mayor issued a plea for Schwarzenegger to reconsider: "I hope that very soon we'll hear you say, 'I'll be back"." It didn't happen, and Graz tookthe letters spelling out Arnold's name off the stadium sometime over the weekend. Sad news, to be sure, but hopefully it'll teach all of us to be more judicious with our use of Terminator quotes.
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