Because I know it's a question that's been keeping you awake at night, the one film that Uwe Boll would remake if he had the chance is Jaws. (Of course, now that the question has been answered, it will commence keeping Steven Spielberg awake.) Also, it turns out that our hopes that the closing of that German tax loophole would end his career were overstated - his next three films, at least, were already financed when the law changed. Curses!

These and other tidbits were revealed by Boll himself in a very entertaining email interview conducted by the gents over at Creature Corner. In addition to talking taxes and rubber sharks, Boll revealed his hopes that The Rock and Vin Diesel will soon be calling him up, the former begging to star in Far Cry (a - shock - video game adaptation), the latter to possibly bring him on board the film version of Hitman (why yes, it's a game). On top of those projects, the video game king is also currently working on Postal, a film version of a game that apparently involves Gary Coleman in some way - and Coleman will appear in the movie as himself.

 Man alive - quality (or lack thereof) aside, this guy is as busy as Joss Whedon. Does he ever sleep?

[via JoBlo]
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