Many fans were devastated by the news that primetime spy-thriller favorite Alias will be ending its run this spring. The surreal/sci-fi nature of the series allowed it to control a strong audience among the coveted geek crowd, but apparently that was not enough. However, the strength of the fanbase is not underestimated by Jeff Pinkner, executive producer of Alias. He recently suggested that the Alias universe has a strong chance of living on; through a spinoff series (most likely focusing around some of the show's villians) or possibly even a big screen debut starring Jennifer Garner.

I don't tend to watch much television, and thus am not particularly familiar with Alias. I am aware, however, that many people whose opinions I generally trust on such matters are rather enamoured with the show. There have got to be some fans out there in our reader audience- convince me that this is a good idea, readers. While you're at it, convince me that I should go rent a season or two of the show and see what all the fuss is about.


[via sci fi wire]

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