There is little to glean from the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Bubble - which is just a creepy two minutes of doll parts set to an Elfman-like score - but it would seem that the mystery is part of the marketing plan for "Another Steven Soderbergh Experience" (as the trailer puts it). The film, which features a cast of non-actors (and that worked out so well for Gus Van Sant in the pretentious bowel evac Elephant), is about a love triangle set in a doll factory which results in murder. The film, produced by Todd Wagner's and Mark Cuban's HDNet Films, will be released simultaneously in theaters (the duo's 2929 Entertainment owns arthouse chain Landmark Theatres), on DVD and on HDNet Movies on January 27, 2006. The film marks the first of Soderbergh's contracted six films for HDNet Films.

This window-smashing concept may not register as a blip on the radar of theatrical exhibitors, but if it does catch on, Wagner and Cuban, as powerful as they are, may end up in the "Where Are They Now?" file...along with the guy who invented a car engine that gets 200 miles per gallon on sea water and the doctor who cured AIDS and planned on giving it away free to the suffering people of the world.