When the first trailer for the new horror flick Tamara came out, it looked awesome - tons of campy fun, complete with blood, lesbians, and zombies. I'm a major horror-phobe, and even I was looking forward to it. Now, however? Not so much.

Thanks to the new clip over at JoBlo, I'm officially off the Tamara train. Apparently that whole "campy" impression was a bit of a miss-direction: instead, the movie's gonna be gory. Seriously, aggressively gory, if the clip is any indication of the movie as a whole. I don't want to spoil it for the horror lovers among you, but suffice to say that it's seriously violent and very squirm-inducing. Since I had my eyes covered for the whole second half of the thing, I didn't actually see enough of the effects to comment on the realism of the gore. My imagination might have been more scary that what was on screen, but I'm afraid to check.

The movie comes out February 3, which gives Lionsgate ample time to roll out some more clips - though how they're going to top this one for shock value, I'm not sure.
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