Oh yeah, BlackFilm has a first look at Danny Boyle's next film, Sunshine, and I am pumped up for this one. Though there are only two to choose from, one of them includes a nice shot of the entire cast surrounding a table and they all look pretty serious. Yes! I love serious! I'm really looking forward to this one, probably because I'm a huge fan of both Boyle and Alex Garland (who wrote the screenplay). In fact, knowing Garland is also writing the script for Halo is making it seem hard for me to knock the film.

Sunshine tells the story of a group of astronauts sent to re-ignite a section of the sun after the team before them never returned. Um, hello - it's the freaking sun! Who would return? Production has just wrapped with a cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne and Cillian Murphy. Groovy. Boyle last worked with Garland on the very cool 28 Days Later, however, the two remain as only producers (so far) on the upcoming 28 Weeks Later. If you've never read anything from Alex Garland, may I suggest starting with his fantastic novel, The Beach. Sunshine is set to debut in October, 2006.

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