A few days ago Martha informed us that the website for Frank Miller's upcoming 300 had launched, but was little more than a shell. While this remains largely true, the site has begun to populate itself a bit. Of particular note is the first video journal -"300 First Look: Adapting the Graphic Novel." In the journal, director Zack Snyder briefly discusses the early stages of comic-to-film adaptation, and the challenges he found in the process. Its a neat little feature, and I certainly hope they stick with it throughout.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for this sort of stuff. I love the "get into the mind of the director/writer/producer/actor/whoever-cares-to-talk" features in whatever form they take, be it internet website bits or DVD special features. I also love Frank Miller and his work, so this website is right up my alley. Comments on Miller/300/the value of this sort of web advertising?