The good folks over at CBR just had a visit from Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson. Johnson stopped by the message boards to share a few details and answer a few questions for CBR's fans. When asked about the visual effects for the film, Johnson indicated that they were very difficult- "harder than anyone thought." He is very impressed with the fire effects his team put together (fire is noted for being a very difficult challenge), but notes that it has to be tweaked and adjusted with every shot. The flames burn differently in each and every situation. Additionally, the effects for the baddies have been "a wild ride in the FX world." Johnson also discusses upcoming promotional elements, musical scoring, and the shifting release date for his film. When asked about "cliffhanger" endings, he firmly stated that his film would be self contained and a "complete" story. This does not mean, however, that sequels are out of the question.

I find myself slowly becoming excited about this movie. My initial reaction was nothing but scorn, but I think I'm creeping ever closer to cautious eagerness. I still don't have high hopes; it's just difficult for me to sequester my inner geek who insists on thinking that seeing Ghost Rider on the big screen has just GOT to be cool. I think I'm a lost cause.

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