Actor Fujiki Yuu (also sometimes read as Yu Fujiki) died on Monday of pulmonary embolism at a Tokyo hospital at the age of 74. He had broken a leg earlier, and encountered sugerical complications that he never recovered from. He was best known as a supporting actor in the mid-70s TV drama series G-Men '75. Kaiju fans, however, may remember Kaiju as a regular in golden age monster flicks. He appeared in  Godzilla vs Mothra, King Kong vs Godzilla,Atragon, and Yog: Monster from Space, among others.

Yes, I'm a fan of Kaiju movies. Something deep inside my geek heart just loves the simple appeal of giant monsters destroying junk. The Godzilla generation of films was obviously the "golden age" of kaiju; Japan just couldn't seem to crank out enough "monster destroys city" flicks. I remember Fujiki primarly because of his role in Godzilla vs Mothra- he was that egg loving reporter. *

*Please note that I did not know this information off the top of my head. I read a blurb on the man's work, and that part is the one that I could immediately recall to memory.

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