A serial identity thief who has the unfortunate habit of pretending to be celebrities (only named Smith, oddly enough) when he registers for new credit cards has been sentenced to two more years in prison for probation violation. Carlos Lomax, who had already served time for spending $81,000 pretending to be basketball player Steve Smith, celebrated his release from jail by opening 14 separate credit card accounts as Will Smith (or, more accurately, Willard C. Smith). Not surprisingly, he was caught rather quickly and only managed to charge $33,000 Big Willie Style.

If you're going to steal someone's identity for the sole purpose of getting credit cards in their name, why on earth would you choose a famous person? They're obviously the only ones who get these things sorted out quickly - normal folks go through years of battles with credit card companies. I mean, come on, Carlos. You're making things much more difficult for youself.
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