Okay, this is another of those weird pseudo-success stories that the magic of the internet seems to have made possible. This guy in Singapore wrote a short script, got together a few friends, rented out a bluescreen room, created his own props, and made an indie film short. The story would have probably ended there in generations past- with his film getting an audience comprised of his family and whatever friends he could talk into seeing it; maybe a small, local sci-fi convention if he was lucky. In these modern times, however, he has a website, and has been mentioned on quite a number of e-media outlets. He's gunning for a total of ten of these suckers eventually.

The story (titled Peaceful Knights of BuZen - Return from Corruption) follows two very jedi-esque monks who follow a path of peace and harmony. Its goal, according to the press release, is to "eventually be an education in charity, compassion and chivalry, and about the impact of non-violence and how that can bring about greater impact than violent aggression itself." It's not amazingly innovative or original, but it is impressive on some level that he managed to put it all together. If you live in the Singapore area and have access to a webcam, he's currently running open casting calls for the upcoming sequels.

My basic stance on this sort of thing remains unchanged: if you can do it, good for you. I love that the internet provides an alternate pathway for creative minds to get their material out to the masses. Sure, it means that alot of terrible material gets out as well...but I trust that the medium will eventually seperate the wheat from the chaff in the typical free market manner. That is to say if you can create a product that people will respond to, you've got a good chance at success. If you create something that nobody cares about, you'll dwell in internet obscurity where you belong. Thoughts?

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