One of the coolest things that Slate does every year is present a virtual movie roundtable each December, during which a group of well-known film critics discuss the previous 12 months. Though it's ostensibly focused on Top 10s, the conversations, which have been taking place since 1998, usually go off into all sorts of interesting directions - and this year's is no exception.

The participants in the 2005 Movie Club are an impressive crew: Slate critic David Edelstein (who is heading off to New York Magazine in 2006), the Chicago Reader's brilliant Jonathan Rosenbaum, the incredibly busy Scott Foundas (who writes for Variety and about about 100 other publications), and A. O. Scott of the New York Times. The discussion between the four (which takes the form of email messages) starts off with a bang, with Rosenbaum immediately diving into a discussion of film criticism in general, and what "best" really means. Don't be scared off by the theory, though – there's plenty of chatter about specific films as well, and the next three days of emails will surely offer intelligent, passionate disagreements. The chance to eavesdrop on these guys makes it well worth checking the link below every day (at least until Friday, when the 2005 Movie Club sadly comes to an end).
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