Boing Boing has a scan up of what is supposedly the original script of Syriana, with a key line altered to remove a racially offensive remark. The line as delivered in the film by actor Tim Blake Nelson is, "Corruption is why we win". The original line in the script, which you can see a scan of over at Boing Boing, was, "Corruption, you uppity <N-word>, is why we win." In the script, Nelson's character (not a nice guy anyhow)  is talking to an African-American lawyer played by Jeffrey Wright.

Boing Boing wonders, as do we here at Cinematical, why writer/director Stephen Gaghan removed that particular line from the film.  Considering that in his incredible interview with Cinematical writer James Rocchi, he opened up about pretty much everything else from how Steven Soderbergh misquoted him in the press notes for the film as saying "oil is crack", to specific plotlines, ideas and concepts that didn't make it into the film, I'm kind of curious now about why he chose to cut that line. At any rate, if you didn't catch James' interview with Gaghan the first time around, or if you read it and need to reread it to keep up with Gaghan's fast-paced mind, you can read it here in two parts here and here.


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